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Capital Advisory


In our capital advisory business, we invest our own strategic and growth capital in areas we are focused on, targeted towards innovative technologies and specialised services businesses, often in entrepreneurial, growth and special situations. We systemically build portfolios of actively managed investments. Key selection criteria for our investments is the active involvement in the management and execution of the business plan.


Through our success-oriented compensation approach in our value advisory business, we keep a strong focus on building equity participation in the companies we work with. Start-up and younger companies often prefer to pay parts of our compensation in equity and equity-linked instruments. We systematically use a flexible compensation models to show skin in the game and build a strategic participation in our clients’ successes. Our approach incorporates dedicated risk management strategies and capabilities to manage asset-price volatility over the lifecycle of an investment.

All our activities in capital advisory are in the process of getting consolidated under Mollica Group, following the mission to build the “go-to” suite of products and services across Data & Insight and Critical Operations for the mid-market by combining operational value creation with strategic M&A.

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