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Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno


Our usual engagement lifecycle is organised across three stages. Through this engamenet model, we implement our value-creation methodology:

Stage I: Advisory

Stage II: Milestone-based execution

Stage III: Long-term engagement

Advisory model with day rate usually centred around the assessment of value-creation and turnaround situations as well as due diligence for principal investments and M&A transactions

Managerial and executive roles (CEO, COO, CRO) with agreed base salary and variable compensation elements based on reaching milestones. This also includes defined interim roles to achieve specific commercial and/or operational objectives

Established in permanent role as executive, board member or senior advisor responsible for reaching long-term growth objectives


Value creation and turnaround plans, due diligence reports


Agreed objectives & key results (OKRs) and financial key performance indicators (KPIs)


Successful execution of strategic objectives, e.g. business build- and scale-up, exit, ...

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