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We focus on transformative technologies and their value creation.


Our core interest on the financial industry can be specified across three dedicated value-creation modules that build upon each other.

1) Foundational and platform technologies

The first module focuses on the commercialisation and operationalisation of emerging technologies that create new foundations and reshape the global financial industry:

  • Enterprise software to improve through open architecture, interoperability and automation operational performance and efficiency,

  • Artificial intelligence to augment through big data, machine learning and visualisation decision making,

  • Blockchain to drive through crypto assets and decentralised finance new forms of digital financial innovation.

2) Operating platforms and ecosystem

The second module focuses on how emerging technologies allow the efficient build-up of specialised commercial and operating platforms:

  • Alternative value propositions and challenger offerings to drive specialised risk-taking and commercial solutions,

  • Specialised lending and investing capabilities to deploy capital inclusively and manage risk effectively,

  • Comprehensive risk analysis based on machine learning and big data,

  • Open architecture and interoperability with best-in class service integration.


3) Change and growth agendas

The third module focuses on the integration of emerging technologies and digital platforms in the incumbent financial ecosystem, following our mission to transform existing commercial and operating models:

  • Organisational focus on core capabilities across targeted customer segments,

  • Transparent risk management across the capital structure,

  • Efficient service delivery across functions,

  • Disruptive business models,

  • Overall repositioning and reorganisation of businesses.

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