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We believe in the natural evolution of businesses across their lifecycle from the incubation and greenfield build-up, growth and scale-up to their turnaround and transformation. Our approach is all about growth either restructuring businesses for their future potential or building them from their early ideas. M&A can be a principal component in this process. We work closely with founders, owners, the management team and investors, and bring our vision and international experience as executives and entrepreneurs to our engagements.

Transformative technologies

Technology is at the core of what we do. We believe in its innovative power and transformational impact on incumbent industries. The commercialisation of emerging technologies and the scale-up of new operating platforms are our key specialisms. Our focus has been on innovating and transforming the financial industry. Our modules drive the change and growth agenda of financial institutions through innovative and foundational technologies, and their integration on specialised commercial and operating platforms.

Value creation across the corporate and M&A lifecycle

Our value-creation methodology follows the corporate and M&A lifecycle from strategy to execution. We get involved early in the process, and deliver with a strategic mind-set end-to-end solutions by executing a comprehensive value creation and business transformation framework across the commercial, operational and financial dimensions of a business.


Incubation and greenfield build-up

We incubate businesses and build them from scratch by establishing the proposition and business plan, defining the roadmap and operational blueprint, selecting technology platforms, hiring core team members and navigating the funding process.

Growth and scale-up

Organic and acquisition-based growth and scale-up are executed under our leadership. We establish a value creation plan that is organised across the business’ core value drivers. Our execution framework optimises commercially, operationally and financially the business' specific requirements. Value is realised though our disciplined management approach and consistent communication with key stakeholders.

Turnaround & transformation

In special situations due to corporate crises and financial distress, we come in with an immediate response schedule to stabilise the business before establishing a comprehensive turnaround plan. The turnaround plan is based on a transparent assessment of the company’s liquidity and financial situation. The plan initiates the financial, operational and legal restructuring under our leadership which builds the fundamentals of a long-term entrepreneurial solution.


Principal investments (M&A)

We create and defend value in M&A situations by becoming involved early in the process, typically during the idea generation, target identification and due diligence phase. In a buy-to-fix situation, we establish a turnaround plan and execute it across the deal lifecycle. In a buy-to-build situation, our value creation plan shapes the execution and post-deal value realisation, which is supported by a disciplined integration and/or separation approach.

Value-creation workstreams

Our methodology follows three core workstreams for value creation, working with the start-up and growth community and the incumbents, backed by investor and sponsors across the capital structure and investment lifecycle.

Accelerated growth

  • Scaling revenue and creating commercial opportunities

  • Coherent go-to-market strategy to accelerate top line growth 

  • Commercial roadmap across product, marketing and sales

  • Marketing and sales excellence

  • Customer success

  • Pricing optimisation

Operational excellence

  • Flawless operational execution

  • Operating model effectiveness (as-is versus the target operating model)

  • Performance improvement and cost reduction for efficiency and scalability

  • Organisational coherence, effectiveness and culture

  • Quality and process optimisation

  • Workflow optimisation and automation

  • Data-driven decision making and intelligence augmentation

  • Risk and sustainability optimisation: environmental, social, and corporate governance

Digital innovation and transformation

  • Harness the power of technology to drive operating decisions and unlocked untapped value

  • Innovation at scale

  • Change and growth initiatives

  • Infrastructure optimization

  • Data strategy

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