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Innovation and Value Creation

Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Age

Our programme with its publication “Innovation and Value Creation: Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Age” covers universally the principles for value creation and leadership that were introduced by the book “Transforming Financial Institutions”.

The fifth blog series that is available on OUR INSIGHT page introduces and provides an overview to the topics of the programme. The materials of the programme itself is only available to clients of EES. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

Innovation and Value Creation

Innovation and Value Creation: Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Age covers value creation, innovation and leadership across the following topics and workstreams.

Porgramme outline with its discussion materials:

I) Value creation across the corporate and M&A lifecycle

  1. The strategic, financial and operational toolkit

  2. The corporate and M&A lifecycle

  3. Incubation and build-up

  4. Growth and scale-up

  5. Turnaround and transformation

  6. Exit and bolt-on acquisitions 

II) Innovation and replatforming
7. Foundational and platform technologies

8. Designing new operating platforms
9. Building and scaling disruptive business models

III) Leadership and change
10. Leadership principles for change and growth

11. The art and science of special situations

IV) Entrepreneurism and the Digital Age

12. The change and growth agenda through technology

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