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We follow an experienced-based methodology for value creation across the business lifecycle with core focus on three modules: foundational technologies, specialty finance and financial institutions’ transformation agenda. Our insights are an expression of our experience, track record and strategic interests. Our value-creation methodology follows the vision of open and decentralised systems.


Please find more information about our publications below. 


Books and Programmes:

1. Transforming Financial Institutions: Value Creation through Technology Innovation and Operational Change

2. Innovation and Value Creation: Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Age

Thought leadership briefs:

In conjunction with the release of "Transforming Financial Institutions", two blog series were made available.

First blog series: Fundamentals

The first blog series covers the fundamentals of value creation at financial institutions.

  1. The transformation framework and value-creation mindset

  2. Emerging technologies in finance

  3. Open finance and best-in class service provision 

Second blog series: Transformation agenda

The second blog series discusses the three value creation pillars of the financial industry’s change and growth agenda.

  1. Operational efficiency

  2. Augmented decision making

  3. Digital financial innovation

After the book publication, our third and forth blog series continue the thought leadership briefs through dedicated topics.

Third blog series: Transformative technologies and their value creation

The third blog series keeps you updated on the value creation of emerging technologies and their use cases.

  1. Value creation in an open and decentralised financial system

  2. The role of interoperability in digital transformation

  3. The power of augmented intelligence for decision making

  4. Decentralisation shapes the future monetary system and business infrastructure

  5. The emerging commercial and operational landscape

Fourth blog series: Specialty finance and alternative investments

The fourth blog series covers trends in risk-taking in an open and decentralised system.

  1. Technology-enabled risk-taking in specialised financial-services businesses

  2. AI in AI: the potential of artificial intelligence in alternative investments

  3. The merchant banking vision: deploying entrepreneurial capital effectively

The first four blog series conclude the thought leadership contributions around the publication of "Transforming Financial Institutions".

Fifth blog series: Value creation and leadership for innovation and special situations

The fifth blog series generalises the principles for value creation and leadership with key focus on innovation and special situations that were introduced by the book “Transforming Financial Institutions”.

  1. Value creation across the corporate and M&A lifecycle

  2. The innovation of foundational technologies

  3. The art and science of special situations

  4. Leadership principles for delivering value creation, innovation and special situations

The fifth blog series is an introduction and overview to the programme and publication "Innovation and Value Creation: Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Digital Age" that is available to clients.

Selected articles:

  1. Open Finance as an Innovation for the Financial Industry

  2. The reasons why digital transformation projects fail to create value

  3. How to create value in digital transformations

  4. Emerging technologies in financial services - The AI Story

  5. The emerging technologies that shape the financial industry

  6. Meeting the Fintech Challenge

  7. Banking’s Biggest Hurdle: Its Own Strategy

Public engagements:

  1. Link to press profile

  2. Interview about the book "Transforming Financial Institutions" in HR Future's Global Master Class

  3. Keynote on "How innovation shapes the financial industry’s transformation agenda" at SIX ConventionPoint

  4. Comments on "Embedded finance" in Verdict

  5. Comments on "Technology challenges for the post-deal M&A teams" in the Times Raconteur

  6. Comments on "How Web3 could transform the infrastructure that all business runs on" in Forbes

  7. Comments on "Money in Web3" in ERP Today

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